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About Damon

Damon Davis is an author, direct response marketing entrepreneur, and television talk show host. Davis serves as Chief Strategist and Marketing Advisor to some of the most prominent and influential product development firms in North America and 501C3 organizations in 72 countries.

Davis birthed the ZOË Wellness Centers of America, an integrative nutrition & holistic body balancing practice with three centers in the Southeast. His influence has pioneered proprietary protocols which are addressing disease activity associated with modern obesity and serving to support immune function in the fight against Covid-19. Under Davis’ leadership, the ZOË Wellness Center is poised to launch 25 more centers in the next three years.

god cures

God Cures

More than a billion people today live with some sort of illness. Yet the perfect human body was created to repair and heal itself. Why, then, are so many people living beneath healthy? The truth is your pain and disease are not just part of aging. Your struggles in your health, happiness, money, and relationships are not just life. God Cures shows you how to leverage God’s curing design with daily directions for eating, sleeping, exercising, and reflecting in a means to connect the dots between your spirit, soul, and body.


Zoe Wellness Center

We believe we’re all in this together, on the journey to pursue the Zoë life, the Abundant life, the Extraordinary Life which is full of joy, prosperity, peace and optimal health. None of us were designed to “go through it” alone.  And together, we can discover success on this journey!  That’s why we are so excited and proud to provide you with an organization that involves people who are committed to the same goal!

ZHSC Supplements

Our Zoë Doctor and Advisor approved herbal supplements are available to assist you to your lifestyle. Ranging from organic, gluten and NON-gmo products, we believe in quality products that will actually improve your wellness and lifestyle.